Pretty Little Mamas Playboy: Do You Think Nicole's Boyfriend Is A Cheater?

Pretty Little Mamas Playboy

Did Prince Charming already turn into a frog on the very first episode of MTV's Pretty Little Mamas ?

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On the brand-new series, which follows a squad of glam young moms who went to high school together and are now raising their children in San Diego, HBIC Nicole had more than a few ups and downs with her bae Michael.

'I really feel serious about him,' the 23-year-old mom of Noelle, 4 1/2, told her BFFs Nikki, Cheyenne and Alyssa.

And apparently, Michael felt the same. 'I'm, like, so in love,' the handsome young man -- who's only dated Nicole for, um, two months -- gushed at dinner, as she said she couldn't wait for Michael to meet her friends. And meet him they did.

Later, at a lavish bash Nicole held at a hotel simply to celebrate summer, Michael made his official debut. But apparently, he'd already had a few drinks: As he announced that he'd been 'kicked out of this hotel like nine times,' he semi-slurred his way through introductions with Nicole's pals before telling a few female party guests that they needed to lose weight. That's when Nicole went apesh*t -- and kicked Michael out of the hotel (10th time's a charm).

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But it only got worse from there: Nikki -- who'd already been lambasted by Nicole for bringing two uninvited galpals to the party -- then approached the hostess with the mostest with some intel on Michael's recent activities.

'One of my friends...said that they may or may not have matched with him on Tinder,' she said.

And that's when Nicole went apesh*t all over again. 'Why would I ever believe these two randoms over my boyfriend?' she asked. 'Michael may be a mess right now, but he's not a liar.' Then, for good measure, she threw Nikki's friends out of the bash, calling them 'two-cent bitches.'

But what do you think? Was Nikki's friend telling the truth, and is Michael trolling Tinder while professing his love for Nicole? Or is Nicole right to distrust a 'random' who could have Michael mixed up with another overly tanned Tinder fella? Tell us your opinion, then catch another episode of Pretty Little Mamas next Thursday at 9/8c.