Pretty Ricky's Spectacular Says Suggestive Video Was 'For The Ladies'

Pretty Rickys Spectacular Says Suggestive Video Wasfor Ladies

Pretty Ricky member Spectacular set off a frenzy online earlier this week when the singer posted a video online of himself gyrating suggestively wearing nothing but skimpy red briefs. The video served as his challenge (albeit an odd one) to other young R&B acts, including Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Omarion and Day26.

'To all them boys out there that be grindin', I wanna know who's number one,' Spectacular said to the camera, before [artist id='1918586']Pretty Ricky's[/artist] new single 'Tipsy' played in the background. Spectacular then began dancing.

Online commenters mocked the clip and questioned whether the R&B singer were gay. Spectacular addressed the response when he called Chicago radio personality Kendra G.

'Everybody knows I'm not gay,' Spectacular said, adding that the video and the briefs were for the ladies. 'Them little tight man drawers ... I bought 'em to show off my cuts [in my stomach]. I wanted to show off my body. The underwear was for the ladies.'

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The Pretty Ricky member said the video is titled 'Strip With Spectacular,' and it's just the first in a series of clips he plans to put online. He also said the challenge was all in fun.

'Everybody grindin' now,' Spectacular said of the suggestive dance style. 'Before we came out, no one was bringing you that but the old-school cats. We brought it back out. But everybody is doing it now. It's like a dance competition, though. I don't do that pop-and-lock, I grind.'