Q&A: Jason O'Mara on Starring & Showering with Katherine Heigl

Q Jason Omara Starring Showering With Katherine Heigl

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You may know him as Jim Shannon, the patriarch of Fox's sci-fi adventure series 'Terra Nova,' or you may remember him from his 2001 television debut in the Emmy award-winning HBO miniseries 'Band of Brothers.'

But now Irish-born actor Jason O’Mara is blowing up the big screen as Joseph (Joe) Morelli in 'One for the Money,' opposite Katherine Heigl. It's the first film adaptation of Janet Evanovich’s best-selling novels chronicling the adventures of Stephanie Plum, a feisty Jersey girl who nabs felons like Morelli and solves crimes while working as a bail-bond recovery agent.

'Money' pits O’Mara and Heigl as star-crossed lovers who met when they were children, and whose adult relationship ended badly in a he never called me again after we had sex situation. Now Morelli is a fugitive cop being sought for murder, and Plum is out for the bounty on his head. O'Mara talked to us about showering with Heigl, what nakedness we can look forward to in a sequel, and how he feels about being compared to Mel Gibson.

You seem to have a thing for playing cops. What was it about this role that made you want to take it?

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What kind of homework did you do for this?

The handcuffs-in-the-shower scene is about to become infamous. What was it like to shoot it?

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Let’s dissect the Morelli/Plum love-hate relationship.

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Speaking of the sexual element, you spend a lot of time in the film without a shirt. Is that tattoo on your chest real or movie magic?

One of the scenes shows you being a whiz in the kitchen, slicing and dicing vegetables and whipping up an omelet. How good of a cook are you in real life?

I don't like it at all. I can do the basic stuff and I do like to bake Irish soda bread. So it's not that I cannot cook, it's that I won't. My wife [actress Paige Turco] has taken that over and she's gotten better and better at it as time goes by.

In 'Terra Nova' you play another cop, Jim Shannon. On the tough guy scale, how does Morelli compare to him?

There's already talk about another Stephanie Plum movie. What do we have to look forward to?

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You did a lot of great television work before you made your feature debut in 'Resident Evil: Extinction.' Can you compare your experiences in TV and film?

We kind of hate to bring this up, but we've heard you compared to Mel Gibson, minus the drunk driving and racist rants. How you feel about that?