Quentin Miller On Meek Mill Using His Vocals For Drake Dis: 'I Thought It Was Corny'

Quentin Miller Meek Mill Using His Vocals

When, after a few days of waiting and two Drake dis tracks, Meek Mill finally dropped a response of his own, it was billed as a team effort : 'Wanna Know,' Meek Mill featuring Quentin Miller .

Miller, of course, was a central figure in the feud between the two rappers, which began in earnest when Meek accused Drake of having a ghostwriter; that ghostwriter, according to reports and leaked reference tracks, was Miller. 'Wanna Know' included one of those tracks, a snippet of Miller rapping 'Know Yourself,' a favorite from Aubrey's If You're Reading This It's Too Late . But Quentin wasn't on board.

'They shouldn't have had those references; they got those references from angles that I didn't expect them to get it from,' he told DJ Vlad. 'I don't have [Meek's] number. I don't talk to that man. It was pretty snaky the way they got it.'

He continued, 'I thought it was corny. I just thought the whole thing was corny. Who gives a shit? Who cares? Make your music, bruh. Make your music, bruh. That album was fire. The Dreams Worth More Than Money , that shit was fire. Keep doing your own thing. Who gives a shit, bruh? I don't understand -- why be concerned about someone else? But that's just my opinion.'