Quentin Tarantino Reveals Details About His Next Movie

Quentin Tarantino Reveals Details About His Next Movie

One of the few directors who can make headlines by announcing plans for his next project, Quentin Tarantino did just that on Tuesday night, giving himself a big platform to share the news.

During a visit to the 'Tonight Show,' Tarantino looked back on his many chats with Jay Leno and revealed that he's already at work on his next screenplay, a western — but not a sequel to his most recent adventure in the genre, 'Django Unchained.'

'I can't talk that much about it, but I will say one thing. I haven't told anyone about this publicly, but I will say the genre: It's a western,' Tarantino said. 'It's not a 'Django' sequel, but it's another western. I had so much fun doing 'Django,' and I love westerns so much that after I taught myself how to make one, it's like, 'OK, now let me make another one now that I know what I'm doing.' '

While the news is exciting, leaving it at 'a western' is a little too much of a tease for us. Since Tarantino has mentioned potential projects in the past that could fit the bill, we speculated on what might match what he talked about on the 'Tonight Show.'

John Brown

Tarantino once called the radical abolitionist his 'favorite American who ever lived,' and told Charlie Rose that he wants to eventually make a film that tells the story of John Brown. With a setting just before the Civil War, Brown's story could fit into Tarantino's twisted view on the genre, and it is almost guaranteed to be insane in all the right ways.

Australia-Set Western

Back in September of 2012, 'Django Unchained' castmember John Jarratt told an Aussie paper that Tarantino wants to make a film set in the country, using only Australian actors. This marks the only time we've heard about this project so far, and it would definitely be new ground for Tarantino.

'Forty Lashes Less One'

It would be appropriate that Tarantino return to material from Elmore Leonard , the author of the source material for 'Jackie Brown,' especially after his passing in August of this year. It has been long-rumored that the writer/director wants to adapt 'Forty Lashes Less One,' a novel with a story that sounds just like a Tarantino movie. The book follows two characters: a disgraced, black Union soldier and a half-breed Apache man, who are released from prison to hunt down the five most-wanted outlaws in Arizona.