Rachel Taylor ... Not In 'Transformers 2,' And Proud Of It

Rachel Taylor Not Intransformers 2

'Transformers' was Rachel Taylor's first U.S. film, but she won't be in the sequel -- because she wants to be more than meets the eye.

As Maggie Madsen, the Aussie actress played a computer analyst who was just as much eye candy as she was tech-smart. And while that was a 'great experience,' Taylor said, it's 'not quite what I want to do' and it would defeat the purpose of becoming a better actor 'if I was just going to become a 'Transformers' girl.' (Is that like being a Bond girl, with less prestige?)

'There's a line in 'Bottle Shock,' ' her current film in theaters, 'how 'from hardship comes enlightenment,' ' Taylor said. 'Bill Pullman is talking about wine -- the grape has to struggle and the dirt has to be dry for the wine to be good -- but that's a lovely metaphor for all artists, actors, painters, candlestick makers. There needs to be struggle, conflict and evolution.'

To transform herself, she said, she needs to do roles that aren't quite as easy for her as 'Transformers' was (in which she retained her native accent). ' 'Transformers' was important and defining for me because it taught me about what kinds of movies I want to make and the kind of actor I want to be, and I have a long way to go before I become that actor,' she said.

Which means no more blockbusters for a while. 'It's in independent film where I'm closer to becoming that actor,' she said. 'So I'm going to stick to that world for a while. I have to earn my stripes. I don't believe in winning the sprint. I would prefer to win the marathon. So I dodged a bullet there. Or a robot.'

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