Radio Silence: Will Mecca And Her Catfish Ever Communicate Again?

Radio Silence Will Mecca

A girl made peace with her fraudulent crush on tonight's Catfish , but despite a promise to remain friends, their ending thusfar hasn't been a happy one.

The case began when Mecca, an 18-year-old from Tampa, enlisted the help of Max and this week's guest sleuth iO (aka Nev's former Suspect co-host). Five years ago, Mecca said, a girl named Taylor messaged her on Facebook to say that her cousin Ryan was totally into her. Taylor then put the two in contact and, before long, Mecca and Ryan fell in love.

But Ryan eventually admitted he wasn't the person in the photos he'd sent. Instead, he insisted, he was a boy named Tanner -- and he provided photos of another super-cute guy. Mecca remained in love, but when she videochatted with Ryan/Tanner, her online beau was sitting in the dark and wearing a hoodie -- and seemed to have long hair. #warningsigns: When iO heard that 411, he got suspicious.

'I think that [Tanner's] a girl,' he announced, before suggesting that the catfish was, in fact, Taylor.

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Bingo, iO: After a whole lot of investigating, Tanner met with Mecca, Max and iO and revealed that he she was really, totally Taylor.

So why the scheme? Because the young lady was really, totally into Mecca.

'At first, I started talking to her as Taylor,' the catfish explained. 'And then I asked her the question, 'Are you into girls?' She said no. I didn't respect her decision of what her sexuality was, so that's when Ryan came up in the picture.'

In addition, Taylor revealed that she wasn't out of the closet with her friends or family, then pledged her love to Mecca.

For her part, Mecca kept an open mind. 'Obviously you know I'm straight, but I would like something positive out of this,' she said. And before bidding adieu to Taylor, she told Max and iO, 'We decided that we're going to take some time for ourselves and reconnect sometime in the future.'

But alas, that connection never happened. Two months later, when Max and iO videochatted with Mecca, she revealed that she'd never heard from Taylor again. Even worse, the episode concluded with a sad message flashing across the screen: 'Since filming ended, repeated attempts to contact Taylor have proven unsuccessful.'

So what ever happened to Taylor? Do you think she's laying low and will eventually contact Mecca? Or will the two never speak again? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish on Wednesday at 8/7c.