Rae Sremmurd's Slim Jimmy Describes Leg Injury: 'I Thought I Was Gonna Die'

Rae Sremmurds Slim Jimmy Describes Leg Injury

With Rae Sremmurd 's uncapped energy, anything is possible at one of their shows.

Last Friday, during a set at Governors Ball in New York, that 'anything' involved Slim Jimmy cutting his leg on glass and continuing to perform , before being taken to the hospital. So why did Jimmy get back onstage when his leg was all sorts of messed up?

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'When I first fell, I thought I was gonna die, so I climbed back up and got onstage, 'cause if I was gonna die, I was gonna be around my n---a,' the 'No Type' rapper told TMZ .

His brother and groupmate, Swae Lee, had a different thought: 'I was like, Man, you gotta stop doing crazy stuff.'

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Something tells me that won't happen, though. And it's probably good that the crazy stuff will continue -- as long as the fellas put safety first.

Jimmy says once he gets the staples out, he'll be ready to hit the stage again.