Ranking The Best Boyfriends In The ‘Harry Potter’ Universe

Ranking Best Boyfriends Harry Potter Universe

The ' Harry Potter ' series might be about one eponymous Boy Who Lived in particular, but reading all seven books left us with a LOT of different guys to swoon over.

But of all the different wizards we meet in and out of Hogwarts, who's the one with the most potential for being the best boyfriend? We did you a favor and ranked all of them ourselves, starting with the most obvious choice for bottom:

  1. Voldemort Warner Bros.

    Pretty hard to date a guy who's literally incapable of love, let along all the baggage that comes with being a Wizard Hitler. Hard pass.

  2. Peter Pettigrew Warner Bros.

    Breaking the promise of a Secret Keeper and betraying your best friends to a super powerful evil wizard is a total dealbreaker, bro.

  3. Severus Snape Warner Bros.

    Sure, his devotion to Lily Potter brought a tear to everyone's eye, but if you're NOT Lily Potter then you're going to have a real hard time keeping his attention. Nobody deserves to feel like the consolation prize -- I mean, imagine how awkward it would be if he had to cast his Lily-loving patronus in front of you.

  4. Mad-Eye Moody Warner Bros.

    You'd never be able to relax around that guy with all of his CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

  5. Albus Dumbledore WB

    Let's face it, the dude is SUPER paternalistic and not good at sharing relevant information with others. Great for a mysterious and grandfatherly mentor, not so much for a relationship.

  6. Gilderoy Lockhart Warner Bros.

    Considering that he's so obsessed with himself, there's no way he's going to have time for you. Hope you like being a status symbol and nothing else!

  7. Cormac McLaggen Warner Bros.

    Let's face it -- he might be hot and a good Quidditch player, but the guy's a total jerk to Hermione and Ron. Maybe if he changed his tune and learned some humility?

  8. Dudley Dursley WB

    The kid spend most of his life as a bully but if his last exchange with Harry in 'Deathly Hallows' is any indication, he's coming around. Getting attacked by a Dementor will do that to you.

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  9. Draco Malfoy WB

    His family's got money and he's for sure nice to look at, but something tells me he's probably not the best when it comes to forming meaningful relationships -- his talent at Occlumency, for example, proves that he's definitely not in touch with his emotions. It'd be an uphill battle trying to get him to open up to you.

  10. Colin Creevy Warner Bros.

    Colin's devotion and fandom clearly know no limits. If you're also a fan of 'Harry Potter' (which, like, duh) then you'll totally have that in common -- but he also strikes me as a guy who, while well meaning, is not good with boundaries. That's a big no-no, friends.

  11. Remus Lupin WB

    Remus is kind, gentle, nurturing, and incredible responsible -- and terrible at real commitment. You're basically going to have to spend your whole relationship convincing him that his werewolf status isn't a problem, so have fun with that.

  12. Ron Weasley Warner Bros.

    Ron is a wonderful character and doesn't get enough attention compared to Hermione and Harry. That said, he's also a TERRIBLE boyfriend who had no idea what his emotions are doing and gets jealous at the slightest provocation. Still, at least he's got an amazing sense of humor.

  13. Seamus Finnegan Warner Bros.

    He's a bit clumsy and prone to setting his own eyebrows on fire, and it's gonna be hard to date him when all you really wanna do is ship him and Dean Thomas together (although, you never know, if they're both into that then this might be the perfect relationship for you), but he's a pretty decent enough guy.

  14. Sirius Black Warner Bros

    A relationship with Sirius would be very intense -- the dude feels things very strongly and can be a bit of a loose cannon at times, which isn't always what you want out of a significant other. But while he can be pretty arrogant and immature, he's also a ridiculously loyal guy who'll ALWAYS want to spend time with you.

  15. Victor Krum Warner Bros.

    Poor sweet, dumb Krum. His status as an international Quidditch star is pretty appealing, and the fact that he loves Hermione for her brains is even more so. Sure he never seemed like much of a conversationalist, but I'm sure once you get to know him he opens up a little more.

  16. Dean Thomas Warner Bros.

    Literally the only reason we get for Ginny and Dean Thomas breaking up is that he's too nice to her. Girl, what? I get that you wanted to jump on Harry instead but c'mon, Dean Thomas is an amazing dude. Remember that time he offered to forge that signature on Harry Potter's Hogsmede form? And how he fought at the Battle of Hogwarts despite not even having a wand? I call shenanigans.

  17. Harry Potter Warner Bros.

    What, you thought Harry was going to be at the top of the list? Too easy! Potter is great, of course, but he loses some brownie points for having a bit of a problem with his temper. Other than that, he's clever, funny, and super courageous -- definitely prime for dating, so long as he doesn't break up with you for stupid noble saving-people reasons.

  18. Fred/George Weasley Warner Bros.

    First of all, they're both super chill and funny -- remember how easily they asked out their dates to the Yule Ball? Secondly, they're successful entrepreneurs and inventors in the field of magical pranking and even have their own storefront in Diagon Alley. And of all the 'Harry Potter' characters in existence, they're clearly the best at Dad jokes already, so they'd be great to settle down with.

  19. Rubeus Hagrid WB

    Granted, you have to be into the big burly bear type, but if you are then Rubeus is a CATCH. Maybe he's not the most responsible when it comes to personal safety (you love life is going to be REALLY weird, no doubt about that) but he's great with kids and animals, always willing to help out and lend a hand, is super friendly and personable to nearly everyone, and cares very deeply about the people in his life. As long as you're also OK with him accidentally gossiping all your secrets away, you'll be very happy together.

  20. Oliver Wood Warner Bros.

    When the first 'Harry Potter' movie hit theaters, actor Sean Biggerstaff and his amazing Scottish accent were a REVELATION for tiny preteen girls (and plenty of other preteens, too, of course) everywhere. We don't even remember anything about Wood's personality -- he was really competitive, maybe? -- but we could listen to him read the phone book for the rest of our lives and be completely enthralled.

  21. Cedric Diggory Warner Bros.

    There's a reason Cedric's death in 'Goblet of Fire' hit everyone so hard -- because he was an honest, brave, upstanding guy whom everybody liked (except Fred and George, who thought he was kinda dumb). Perfect boyfriend material, pretty much.

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  22. Neville Longbottom Warner Bros.

    OK, ignore the fact that he's ridiculously attractive now and let's just look at his character -- he's loyal to his friends, but also brave enough to stand up to them when they're doing something wrong. He literally led a rebellion of Hogwarts students while Harry and his team were away camping in the woods and single-handedly destroyed an entire Horcrux by himself. Plus, he used to be all shy and nerdy but is totally taking charge and coming out of his shell, which is a HUGE turn on. Basically, he's the best.