Ranking Marvel's After-Credits Scenes: Can Thanos Beat Shawarma?

Ranking Marvels After Credits Scenes

Post-credit teases are as important to Marvel as capes and daddy issues. The newest movie from the superhero house, 'Thor: The Dark World' features not one, but two stingers, and since we've got the future of Marvel on the mind, let's take a look back at the teasers that have come before to see which stand above the rest.

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Spoilers ahead!

9. 'Thor: The Dark World': And Then He Kissed Me

Yes, we were pleased to see Thor and Jane reunited, but honestly, this should have been the last scene in the movie. The after-credits stingers are supposed to be gags or teasing allusion to what's the come, not the end of a character's emotional arc.

8. 'Iron Man 3': The Good Doctor Banner

We have to admit that it was funny to contextualize Tony's narration, something that we hadn't seen in any other Marvel movie, but a precedent had been set that led fans to expect a hint at future movies. As much as we appreciated the joke, it was a let-down.

7. 'Thor': Unlimited Power

Were you sad when Loki tumbled into the void of space, ending his tragic storyline? Well, don't worry, because he's back already! The reveal that Loki was spying on Selvig and Nick Fury did provide a nice set-up for the Cosmic Cube in 'Captain America,' but it undercut the stakes of 'Thor' just a tad.

6. 'Captain America': A Trailer?

Though the preview of the crossover event didn't really fit the bill of previous stingers, who are we to turn up are noses at the first look at one of the most highly anticipated movies ever? The tease lacked the luster of later previews, when 'The Avengers' was closer to a finished product, but it delivered on promises to bring the crew together.

5. 'Iron Man 2': By the Hammer of Thor!

Hey, where's Coulson going? It was weird that he had to jet off to New Mexico without explanation, wasn't it? Well, he had some serious work to do down in the Southwest. The stinger jumped straight into the events of 'Thor' and laid the hammer down.

4. 'The Avengers': 'Have You Ever Tried Shawarma?'

This was the height of Marvel magic. The whole gang got together months after filming ended and one day after the premiere to film one final scene that gave Tony the meal he was craving. The shawarma scene broke the mold of the teasers, but it was the perfect note to end a delight time at the movies.

3. 'Thor: The Dark World': 'One Down, Five To Go'

The most recent teaser appears to fit nicely alongside the first 'Avengers' stinger in previewing where the Marvel universe is headed next. Not only does Thanos exist in the cinematic version of the comic books, but so do his most dangerous weapon, the Infinity Gems (or Stones, here). Throw in an amazing performance from Benicio del Toro, and you have a great scene.

2. 'The Avengers': The One Who Courts Death

Wait, Thanos? Thanos was behind the whole thing? With this teaser, Marvel made a big statement. They are perfectly OK with putting a big purple alien on-screen and leaving it up to the audience to figure out who the hell he is. And we have a feeling that we will all be very familiar with the Mad Titan soon enough.

1. 'Iron Man': Nick Fury Is Here To Recruit You

It was the teaser that started it all and the model for what made one memorable. Like the Thanos cameo, Nick Fury arrives without too much explanation, but he's there was a mission. With the scene, Marvel unveiled their grand plan, and the rest is history.

Bonus: 'The Incredible Hulk': Calling In Tony

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We're tossing this in at the end because it's technically not an after-credits tease and there is one big issue we have with it. Universal used the scene in a TV spot before the movie came out. A TV SPOT! It was as if nothing is sacred.