Rasika Mathur And Lauren Flans Kinda Open Up About Their 'Wild 'N Out' Showmance [Video]

Rasika Mathur Lauren Flans Kinda Open Up About Theirwildn Outshowmance

It's not unusual for co-stars who spend countless working hours together to turn their professional relationships into passionate love affairs (cough, Brangelina , cough), so Lauren Flans and Rasika Mathur 's kiss on last night's episode of ' Wild 'N Out ' might've had people wondering if they were more than friends. In the backstage interview below, the 'WNO' ladies dish on their flirtationship, but leave a little mystery when it comes to whether or not they're actually getting down behind the scenes.

Newcomer Lauren confesses she was a fan of Rasika in earlier seasons and changed the channel if she wasn't featured. 'If there was an episode that I saw that she wasn't on, I was like, 'Eh...I'll watch something else,'' she says of her girl-crush. Don't tell Nick ! And now that the two funny ladies have finally met, their chemistry has caused a rift in Rasika's other relationship. 'Her boyfriend thinks we're doing it,' Lauren says bluntly. A pparently it's not a huge issue for him, and we're thinking the rest of the male 'WNO' viewership won't have a problem with it either.

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