The Real Life Inspiration For Lady Gaga's 'AHS: Hotel' Murder Glove

Real Life Inspiration

There were a few things that we were expecting from Lady Gaga 's addition to the ' countless times . The two even hang out IRL on occasion!

As Eyrich describes it, the task of molding Gaga into The Countess was both challenging and completely seamless -- seamless in that Gaga and her team were very easy and fun to work with, she assures, but challenging in that the 'AHS' team set out to make audiences feel they were watching The Countess and not international superstar Lady Gaga who can and does wear anything and everything on the spectrum. 'There were several times that both Gaga and I would say, 'This is too Gaga' and we'd pull back,' Eyrich explained. 'We'd be like, 'Take the hat off,' and they would pull the hair back or something and we'd finally say, 'Oh, there she is!''

The result is a time-agnostic blend of high-end designer archives -- vintage Yohji Yamamoto, Vivienne Westwood, Armani, Marc Jacobs, and more -- mixed with contemporary and custom pieces, and of course, that glove. How many outfit changes with Gaga/The Countess have before the season is up? Since they haven't even wrapped yet, we can only imagine, but we're sure it will be a lot .