Real World Eviction: Should Kassius Have Been Sent Home Along With Theo?

Real World Eviction Should Kassius Have Been Sent Home Along With Theo

Bad blood proved to be an especially toxic brew between Theo and Kassius on the latest Real World , and when the feuding cousins finally put up their fists, one of their Seattle adventures swiftly ended.

On tonight’s episode, and after weeks of aggression (both passive and active), Theo and Kass wound up battling between mattresses in the kitchen-facing bedroom. Only days earlier, they seemed to have come to a truce, but when Kassius couldn’t stop provoking Theo (Kass’ new drinking regimen had made him particularly bold), Theo couldn’t take it any longer and got physical.

While most of the original housemates and their respective visitors had made at least some headway since Bad Blood D-day, Theo and Kassius always seemed to wind up back at Square One. Their original issues stemmed from a disagreement in which Theo claimed Kassius’ drugs were found in his college dorm room, and Theo was consequently kicked off his university’s football team (he said his NFL dreams were killed in the process too). He vowed to keep the Real World peace by keeping his distance from Kass, but Kass wouldn’t relent and continued to needle Theo, insulting him behind his back every chance he got.

Finally, when Kass called Theo soft, Theo lunged and started a pushing match that eventually drew production intervention. Theo was sent to a hotel for the night to cool off, and when production got the sense that things would never resolve between the cousins, they decided to remove Theo from the cast permanently, noting he, ultimately, incited the shoving.

I one-hundred percent regret it, Theo said. I just got into a pushing match with my own blood. I just allowed this man to take another opportunity away from me.

Regardless of all the bulls-ht, I love [Kassius], he added. And I actually mean that.

Still, some housemates argue that Theo didn’t deserve to get the boot and that it was Kass who was ultimately the aggressor.

The wrong guy’s going home, Robbie insisted. If you’re gonna send one person home, send them both home.

What do you think — should Kassius have also gotten the Real World boot, and was he just as responsible as Theo for the blowout with his constant provocation considered? Or did producers get it right, and could everything have been avoided were it not for Theo’s aggression? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to a brand-new Real World Seattle: Bad Blood next Wednesday at 10/9c!