Real World Pregnancy: What Should Tyara Do Next Now That She's With Child?

Real World Pregnancy

This season’s Real World Seattle: Bad Blood house has been host to a college football player, a sought-after club DJ and — as of tonight’s episode — an unfortunately unwitting clairvoyant.

Tyara , who’d been struggling to forge real connections with her housemates since moving to Seattle, finally had an honest conversation with her frienemy Kim . Tya explained how Kim had hurt her during high school, Kim admitted she might have been projecting her own insecurities and the two agreed to support each other in the days ahead.

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Unfortunately for Tyara, the days ahead included nausea, pain and a lot of peeing. She said she’d chalked up her condition to a UTI and committed to a new, curative regimen of round-the-clock cranberry juice.

The f*ck is going on? she said. Like, I know I’m not pregnant but I’m feeling like ‘Am I?’ Because I keep f*cking peeing. But then again, I always think I’m pregnant. I don’t know, I’m weird.

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But, it turns out, the thought wasn’t so out of left field, and when Tya couldn’t hide her sickness any longer — nor the fact that she hadn’t had her period since entering the Real World house — she planned a meeting with producers, during which she insisted she needed to go to urgent care. There, she got news that changed the course of her life.

Upon returning to the house, Tya told Real World producer Matt that she was seven weeks pregnant, and that the baby’s father was likely her ex-boyfriend’s. She was visibly shaken but articulate until the news finally seemed to register. Then, she broke down into hysterics.

I just have a lot of decisions to make right now, she said. Where Tyara will go from here, though, remains to be seen.

Say you were in Tyara’s shoes -- what would you do next, and how might you suggest she address her unplanned pregnancy? Share your thoughts, and be sure to see how she handles life’s latest curve ball on the next Real World episode Wednesday, December 28 at 10/9c.