Reality TV Star/Cover Model: Here's Visual Proof That Gus Is Floribama's Fabio

Reality Tv Star Cover Model

Long before he was nibbling cheesecake off the floor and getting in bar fights at Newby's , Gus was — get ready for it — evoking his inner Fabio on the covers of romance novels.

The MTV Floribama Shore star (and his famously large coif) has covered dozens of steamy 50 Shades of Grey -esque books, inserting himself into the fantasies of romance readers — and Codi, for that matter. During this week's episode, Gus' roommate took to one of his latest releases, Strip Me Bare , for a little 'research' before making his move on Candace .

'Gus is on the cover of these raunchy-ass romance novels. Gus is a nice-looking guy, but nothing about him makes me want to strip him bare,' Codi confessed of the sensitive Southerner, just before launching into a rather, er, graphic reading. 'I have to go to confession just after reading this.'

So do we, Codi. So do we.

But that doesn't mean our curiosity about Gus' side gig wasn't piqued, so we rounded up a few of those man-candy book covers. Here they are for your viewing and swooning (and maybe even summer reading?) pleasure:

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