The Reasons 'Teen Wolf''s Mama McCall Deserves An Oscar

Reasonsteen Wolf S Mama Mccall Deserves An Oscar

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Earlier this year, Cate Blanchett won an Academy Award for playing a single woman who was in the thick of an emotional breakdown, and those bases considered, we nominate Melissa McCall for the very same honor (we can do that, right?!).

On last night's ' Teen Wolf ' episode , after spotting her son Scott motionless on a gurney, the nurse's knees turned to jelly and she collapsed onto the linoleum floor. Like any mother in such a position would, she wailed, cried and begged for the whys and hows. And then, when the commotion around her settled, she dusted herself off, quietly sidled into the adjacent morgue and asked Scott's friends about their plan's next step.

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Yup, though Melissa's howling had us convinced she was Beacon Hills' most recent banshee-convert, it turned out her scene-making was all an act, and she was in on the scheme to make Scott appear dead to lure The Benefactor to Beacon Hills Hospital. Unfortunately, the plan didn't work, but on the upside, we were treated to some Hollywood-worthy hysterics, courtesy of M.M.

Here's why she should be the next lucky lady to wrap her trembling fingers around a trophy for Best Actress:

The tears
There are certain devastating weather patterns that don't produce as much water. Whether Melissa was pinching herself through her pocket or had a menthol stick handy, we demand to know her secrets to big, bulbous tears.

Hurricanic wailing
Not since air raid sirens propelled WWII-era schoolchildren to take cover beneath their desks has a tone sent so many shivers through so many bodies. Would Melissa's performance have been as captivating as a silent film? Maybe, but definitely not as fun.

Relentless denial of hard reality
Verbosity isn't necessary in times of great distress -- as Melissa proved, a simple 'No!!!!!!!!!!!!!' is often quite effective. The lab coats around her were certainly convinced she was experiencing some serious grief.

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Walking away like nothing happened
Because every big star knows when to say 'Scene!'