Relive The Amazingness Of Harry Styles’ ‘X Factor’ Audition On Its 5 Year Anniversary

Relive Amazingness Harry Styles X Factor Audition Its 5 Year Anniversary

If there’s one way to describe how the One Direction fandom has been feeling lately, it’s EMOTIONAL AF. We’ve been dealing with so many highs and lows, from record-breaking concerts to heart-breaking departures . But throughout all the recent drama, true fans have stuck by the boys’ sides and kept their spirits high.

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Case in point: Directioners are celebrating the five-year anniversary of Harry Styles’ epic X Factor audition anniversary by trending the hashtag #5YearsSinceHarrysAudition on Twitter. Tons of loving messages have been pouring in from all over the world as fans reminisce about seeing the then-16-year-old student and part-time baker for the very first time.

Harry himself even tweeted his thanks, quoting the song he sang for his audition (Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely) and melting our hearts into puddles.

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane and relive the magic that was Harry’s audition .

Our first glimpse of the curly-haired cherub showed him rocking an adorably normcore gray cardigan and scarf. His proud family wore custom shirts that read We think Harry has the X Factor. We were instantly smitten.


Then Harry revealed he fronts a band with his friends called White Eskimo, and their recent Battle of the Bands victory made him realize he belongs on the stage. Before he took the stage, a surprisingly calm Harry was kissed and fussed over by his beaming family. It was too cute to handle.


Harry told the judges that he works in a bakery and is going to college to study law, sociology and business. We try to imagine Harry wearing a fancy suit and carrying a leather briefcase as he charges into a courtroom. We don’t like it. This boy was clearly destined for black skinny jeans, butterfly tattoos and bandanas.


Then Harry serenaded us with an a cappella rendition of Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely. The sky lit up and the angels smiled upon the earth. Harry took a modest little bow.


Nicole Scherzinger proved herself a worthy human being when she told Harry he has a beautiful voice. Louis Walsh, on the other hand, became our mortal enemy as he wrongfully claimed that Harry doesn’t have enough experience or confidence yet. Thankfully, Simon Voice Of Reason Cowell rushed to Harry’s defense and told him that with some vocal coaching, he actually could be very good.


Finally, with two 'yes's from the judges, Harry made it through to the next round. He gifted us with a blinding smile and hugged his beaming mom backstage. All was good in the world.

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Happy five years, Harry — here’s to many more!