Relive 'The Lion King' 20 Years Later -- In Cat GIFs!

Relivethe Lion King20 Years Later Cat Gifs

If you're a '90s kid and you haven't been feeling old today, well I have some news that might change that. Our childhood animated classic 'The Lion King' just turned 20.

And it only makes sense to honor this piece of history with the new traditions of the current decade. Here is the entire story of Simba's life, in cat GIFs. Because, well, cats.

This story begins with a proud Lion King named Mufasa, who is about to witness the birth of his first son, Simba.

Mufasa has a younger brother named Scar, who pretty much resents Simba because now he'll never ever be King.

Simba gets this amazing ceremony to celebrate the 'Circle of Life' (Because, ya know, because he's going to be King one day.)

Flash-forward a few months, and Simba is already like 'I just can't wait to be King!'

But he doesn't know how to stay out of trouble, so he's stuck with an annoying feathered baby-sitter named Zazu.

One day, Simba and his best friend Nala escape Zazu's watch and wander into the dangerous Elephant Graveyard.

Some big ugly hyenas try to attack the cubs, but Mufasa races in and saves the day.

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Scar, who is aligned in the hyenas, becomes overwhelmed with feelings of disrespect and plots to kill Mufasa and Simba.

Scar comes up with a plan to trick Simba into putting himself in danger, by having him wait in a gorge alone.

The hyenas create a stampede of wildebeests in the gorge that will trample Simba, but Mufasa once again races to his rescue. He makes it just in time to toss Simba to safety.

As Mufasa tries to climb out of the gorge himself, Scar appears on the ledge and pushes Mufasa over into certain death.

Simba watches in horror as his dad is trampled by the beasts.

Scar evilly convinces Simba that it was all his fault Mufasa died, and tells Simba to 'run away, and never return.'

Simba runs far away, eventually being befriending a meerkat named Timon, and a warthog named Pummba.

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The trio adopt a 'Hakuna Matata' lifestyle, chilling all day and not giving a damn about anything.

One day, Nala (Simba's once-best friend) appears in the jungle and bumps into Simba and his pals. They fall in love and she urges him to return home and save the kingdom from Scar's rule.

Simba struggles between his past and present, and is consulted by his father's madrill friend Rakifi.

After hallucinating messages from his father, Simba ultimately realizes that he must return home to fulfill his duties and claim his rightful place as King.

Simba rushes back to the Pride Lands, where he confronts Scar in a heated battle for the kingdom.

Scar reveals that he is the one responsible for Mufasa's death, not Simba (but, of course, tries to put the blame on the hyenas).

Simba ultimately conquers Scar, pushing him over the edge of Pride Rock where he falls into the shadows of his former allies, the hyenas.

Simba takes his rightful place as King and restores glory to his father's Pride Lands.

Yay, happy endings!