Remember That Anti-Abortion Film Justin Bieber's Mom Produced? Watch It Here

Remember That Anti Abortion Film Justin Biebers Mom Produced

Pattie Mallette is more than just the mother of internationally renowned superstar Justin Bieber . She's also a film producer -- remember?

Mallette made headlines back in early 2013 when it was reported that she had served as executive producer on a short film titled 'Crescendo.' Why was this controversial? Well, depending on where your politics lie, you'd probably either classify the film's message as anti-abortion or pro-life.

On Tuesday (October 21), the 'Confident' singer's mom tweeted that 'Crescendo' was finally available to watch online, and here it is.

SPOILER ALERT, but the period piece revolves around a pregnant young woman who seeks to induce a miscarriage using a particular tea she acquires from an apothecary. Her efforts are in vain, and she is forced to give birth to a baby boy.

And do you know who that baby boy grew up to be? Justin Bieber Ludwig van Beethoven.

Yeah, we never said it was subtle.