Remember When A$AP Rocky Grabbed Rihanna's Butt At The VMAs?

Remember When Ap Rocky Grabbed Rihannas Butt Vmas

A$AP Rocky is never shy about his feelings for beautiful women. Not even if that woman happens to be one of the most famous pop stars on earth -- and not even if millions of people are watching his interaction with that beautiful woman.

In this case, I'm talking about Rihanna and her 2012 MTV VMA performance , where Rocky joined her for 'Cockiness (Remix).' During the televised set, the Harlem rapper found his opportunity to grab a big handful of Rih's butt, and he didn't seem to regret it at all. So now I'm wondering what kind of stunt he might pull during his 2015 MTV VMA performance.

If you missed that big Rocky and Rihanna moment when it happened, well... the photo evidence remains.

He Was Flirting The Entire Time

Then He Went Straight For Rih's Butt

He Even Threw In A Kiss While Holding Onto Her Booty

Rih Was A Good Sport About It All

But Eventually She Had To Restrain Him A Bit