Remembering Charlie Murphy’s Epic Story About Prince On Chappelle’s Show

Remembering Charlie Murphy S Epic Story About Prince Chappelle S Show

How about you and your friends versus me and The Revolution?

These legendary words were (supposedly) uttered by Prince in a basketball game in 1985, as detailed in Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories, a recurring Chappelle’s Show sketch about Murphy’s adventures with his famous brother Eddie. [Note: Chappelle’s Show originally aired on Comedy Central; Comedy Central and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]

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While most people probably know Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories from the stories about Rick James -- I’m Rick James, bitch -- the best edition of the sketch was centered around Prince.

In the sketch, Charlie Murphy details meeting Prince at a party after the release of Purple Rain , an era when Prince was the shit. Prince then invites the Murphys back to his home, challenging Charlie and his friends to a game of basketball. Murphy, underestimating Prince due to Prince’s clothes (a Zorro-type outfit, with ruffles down the front, something that a figure skater would wear) and some pretty blatant homophobia, jokes that the game should be shirts versus blouses.

To Murphy's surprise, though, Prince is amazing at basketball, eventually declaring victory: Game, blouses.

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And, after the game, he takes Murphy and his friends back to the house and serves them pancakes.

Apparently, Prince loved the sketch and confirmed that the basketball game took place . He also used a photo of Chappelle (with pancakes, naturally) as the cover for his 2013 single Breakfast Can Wait.

In a statement to MTV News, Murphy said, 'I'm blown away. May he rest in peace. Music has lost one of its greatest icons.'