Remy Ma's Attorney Admits Rapper Did Shoot Her Friend, But Says It Was An Accident

Remy Mas Attorney Admits Rapper Did Shoot Her Friend

Remy Ma's attorney admitted in closing arguments Monday (March 24) that the rapper did in fact shoot her friend in a July scuffle last year, according to The Associated Press.

Lawyer Ivan Fisher called the shooting, which left Makeda Barnes-Joseph hospitalized, an accident. Fisher claimed Remy Ma (real name: Reminisce Smith) and Barnes-Joseph struggled over the latter's bag when the two argued over missing money after leaving a birthday celebration for a mutual acquaintance. The former Terror Squad star accused Barnes-Joseph of pocketing upward of ,000 in cash.

Fisher told the jury the women's hands hit the rearview mirror of Barnes-Joseph's car during the tussle and the gun then went off, according to AP.

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'There is no other explanation for why Remy Smith would have chosen that unique moment in time to shoot her,' Fisher said.

The surprising admission was a far cry from Fisher's opening remarks when he attempted to characterize Barnes-Joseph as a celebrity groupie who was misrepresenting the nature of the events in order to win money from the 'Lean Back' rapper. In December, Barnes-Joseph filed a multimillion-dollar civil lawsuit against Remy Ma.

In July, Remy vehemently denied shooting Barnes-Joseph. When reporters gathered around the rapper's New Jersey home, she maintained her innocence.

'I didn't shoot my friend!' she yelled.

Prosecutors claimed the rapper had every intention of shooting Barnes-Joseph. Assistant District Attorney Michael McIntosh said Remy loaded the weapon herself and went into Barnes-Joseph's vehicle to settle the dispute. After the incident, the rapper sped away in an SUV and crashed into a parked car. The weapon has not been found.

'She took every step you had to take to shoot somebody,' McIntosh said.

Jury deliberation in the case begins Tuesday. If convicted, Remy Ma could face up to 25 years in prison.