Resident Alien Lil B Finds a 'Green Card'

Resident Alien Lil B Finds Agreen Card

Lil B , the hip hop artist who declared earlier this year that he was gay and then raised some rather dubious awareness for AIDS , has released his new video for Green Card from his forthcoming Gold House mixtape. In typical B fashion, this looks like it was shot in a couple hours, and neither the lyrics nor visuals clearly explain whether this is about legal weed in Cali or temporary citizenship. Knowing B's recent political declarations, we were tempted to think the latter.

In a barely lit room with a plastic wrapped mattress behind him, the Based God dons a bright orange shirt and totes a serious-looking gun in front of the camera. Over a synthy trap beat, he declares, for reasons unclear, Like a lesbian, I be down the strap.' Unlike most of his videos, the song is awkwardly not in sync with the visuals. But hey, it's Lil B and he's holding a machine gun and talking about shooting people and sleeping with women. So from just watching, it's pretty clear what's on his mind. And it's nothing political.