Rest In Peace, Meep: Why The 'American Horror Story' Star Will Truly Be Missed

Rest Peace Meep Why Theamerican Horror Storystar Will Truly Be Missed

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When ' American Horror Story: Freak Show ' killed off Meep 'the geek' (Ben Woolf) last October, fans of the beloved series completely lost their chill. 'Meep' and 'RIPMeep' trended throughout the entire night as fans expressed their love for the character on Twitter, which was a pretty impressive feat considering he only appeared in two episodes.

But that was just the kind of response that Meep inspired in people. His childlike innocence (minus the biting off animal heads thing) and love for his fellow freaks made his early onscreen death feel like a travesty, but all TV plot-related feelings obviously pale in comparison to what the 'AHS' family -- cast, crew, and fans -- are feeling today (February 24), due to the news that Woolf died last night at the age of 34. The 4'4'' Woolf, who had pituitary dwarfism, was hit in the head by the side mirror of an SUV while crossing the street last week, and never recovered from his injuries.

After news spread of Woolf's passing, an outpouring a grief for the man -- who was also a preschool teacher -- quickly flooded Twitter, with the show's A-list cast (and Ryan Murphy ) offering their condolences:

And as for us, well, we'll just be mourning the loss of a man who desperately needed to be seen on television. A man who didn't quite look like the rest of us; who experienced hardships due to a physical condition that was entirely beyond his control but kicked ass on television anyway.

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We're so glad that Murphy and co. gave actors like Woolf (and Mat Fraser, who was born with phocomelia of both arms) a chance to be seen and heard on a national scale with 'Freak Show,' we just wish Woolf had been given enough time to go beyond Meep, and play an everyday person who lived -- and, mostly, thrived -- with a handicap. These are the people we need to see more of onscreen, and to say that Woolf's death will be felt through the 'AHS' community, the handicapped community, and beyond is probably a massive understatement.

So rest in peace, Ben Woolf -- and until we all hopefully meet again, here are two of my favorite moments of you making your damn mark on my beloved horror genre. You really did go balls to the wall, and we, the 'AHS' thankful, will always love you for that: