Reunited G-Unit Jump Around In The Video For 'Watch Me'

Reunited G Unit Jump Around Video Forwatch Me

There’s nothing like watching G-Unit finally back together and enjoying each other’s company: they totally missed each other and seem visibly happy to reunited again.

'I always felt like we would be back together and doing music. That was the most important part to me,' Lloyd Banks told MTV last week.

Yesterday (September 5), the crew released the visual for Watch Me, which features 50 Cent , Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and new member Kidd Kidd bouncing around a sterile white hallway and an empty warehouse, all smiles and gun fingers.

The video is full of things you'd expect G-Unit to want: a drummer, Ciroc, a big leather chair. Obviously, there’s an all-over print dollar bill shirt, obviously there’s plenty of booty. But there’s also a weird sword that 50 is holding for no discernible reason. And there’s there's guitar-smashing!

What there is the most of, though, is friendship. The dudes have their arms around each other's shoulders in every group shot.

Watch Me is the kind of song that G-Unit have always made and will continue to make. It's a grimy ode to pleasure and pain, by dudes who know their crew always has their. Beef may come and go, but crew love is forever.