Rewatch Delena's Beautiful Last Dance On 'The Vampire Diaries' And Cry Your Eyes Out

Rewatch Delenas Beautiful Last Dance Onthe Vampire Diariesand Cry Your Eyes Out

Elena Gilbert's farewell on ' The Vampire Diaries ,' though tragic, couldn't have been more beautiful. It was a celebration of Elena's life and character -- not to mention, a full-blown waltz down memory lane.

In the final minutes of last night's heartbreaking finale, Damon and Elena shared one last dance together, on the street where they first met. It was reminiscent of their first dance together at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant in season one -- and it was stunning. For fans, the emotional dance sequence was the closure they needed; for Delena, it was a 'goodbye for now.'

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So obviously, we need to rewatch it over and over... and over again to feel even a little bit emotionally stable today. We know 60 years is a long time to watch something on repeat, but we're up for the challenge. We're also okay with crying all of the time, just like our girl Elena .

But first, we need to set the mood. Delena's epic farewell dance wouldn't have been the same without Ross Copperman's haunting song 'Hunger.' Start the song playing before you scroll down.

  • The dance begins in the most perfect way ever. The CW

    Season one ~feelings~.

  • And that twirl, ermahgerd. The CW
  • Then, this insanely passionate move happens. The CW
  • Catch your breath, bbs. The CW

    Their chemistry is undeniable.

  • When Damon picked up Elena and we died inside a little. The CW
  • He dipped her and it was dramatic and lovely. The CW
  • The kiss was everything. The CW

    So. Effing. Magical.

  • 'I love you, Damon Salvatore.' The CW

    And now we're dead all over again. See you in 60 years, Elena.