Rick Ross On His Past As A Corrections Officer: 'I'd Do It Again'

Rick Ross His Past

Fans who gripe about wanting more details about Rick Ross ' personal life found what they were looking for during Wednesday's (March 5) episode of ' RapFix Live .' The MMG CEO broke down some essential lyrics from his new album, Mastermind , opening up about family and even admitting that he'd work as a corrections officer again if he had to.

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The album's first full track, 'Rich is Gangsta,' finds Rozay rapping about his reasons for becoming a prison guard, a revelation that first made headlines back in 2008. 'Feds tore apart the squad n---a, that's why I had to play the part n---a/That wasn't me, it was a job n--a,' he spits, clearly referencing the scandal. 'It gets deeper, that was just a start, n---a.'

'That particular line most definitely referred to me being a C.O.,' Ross told host Sway Calloway. 'And that being a job and just understanding the grind and the hustle and anything else I may have done. It's just a job, it's a hustle.'

Though Ross initially denied the news, in 2009 he admitted that he was formerly employed as a corrections officer , and today he doesn't regret how any of it went down.

'I wouldn't change nothing, cause to me it's about who Rozay is,' he explained. 'It's about me. Anywhere I go, when I step in the room, I put it down. People know it's authentic right here, they know it's real, so it was nothing that I was personally threatened with, I was just ready to move on. Let's go get this money, let's make this music.'

'And right now, to feed my family — I'd do it again,' he added matter-of-factly. 'To feed my kids, I'd go get it. We gon' get it. My whole team gon' go get it. We gon win. And that's with everything we ever did. I been winning.'

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Mastermind is in stores now.