Rihanna, And 7 Other Musicians Who've Used Braille

Rihanna 7 Other Musicians Whove Used Braille

Rihanna unleashed her new album artwork and title -- ANTI -- to the world on Wednesday, and fans are definitely PRO.

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Rih Rih linked up with artist Roy Nachum to create her 'favorite' cover art ever. The metaphorical cover features a photo of baby Rihanna, with a crown covering her eyes, which, according to Rihanna, means Sometimes the ones who have sight are the blindest. Red washes over half the album, while braille is sprinkled over it.

The braille represents a poem by Chloe Mitchell, which you can read here . It begins, 'I sometimes fear that I am misunderstood/ It is simply because what I want to say/ What I need to say, won’t be heard.'


This isn't the first time Rihanna has used braille in her work. And this isn't the first time we've seen braille in music. Let's take a quick look at some of the other artists who have used it:

  1. To Pimp A Butterfly

    Kendrick Lamar featured braille on the inside of his To Pimp A Butterfly album, revealing,

    [There]’s actually a sketch of braille that’s added to the title hidden inside the [CD] booklet that I don’t think nobody has caught yet, he told Mass Appeal . You can actually feel the bump lines. But if you can see it, which is the irony of it, you can break down the actual full title of the album.

    So what do the bumps mean? A Blank Letter by Kendrick Lamar.

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  2. 'FourFive Seconds'

    Kanye West, Rihanna and Paul McCartney included braille on the side of their artwork for their collaboration.

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  3. 'Bitch Better Have My Money'

    Rihanna obviously has a thing for braille, since she used it for her 'BBHMM' single too.

  4. Atlantic Guitar Quartet

    Of course, there are some lesser known musicians who have used braille in their album art. The Atlantic Guitar Quartet spelled out their name on the cover of their EP.

  5. Keramick & Lobo

    A Finnish electroacoustic band used all white for their album cover, with only raised bumps adding shadows. The name on the album? 'The Braille.'

  6. JSON

    Rapper JSON used braille on his album, aptly titled Braille . As for what it says? It's a mystery.

  7. Before Braille

    And of course, if your band name is Before Braille, you better be including it in your album art. That's what this Arizona rock band did on The Rumor.