Rihanna Went Mutant For Halloween: Meet RIHphael, The Newest Ninja Turtle

Rihanna Went Mutant

Oh you thought your Halloween costume was good? Funny, clever and detailed? Well sorry, because as usual, whatever us mere mortals accomplish, the goddess Rihanna is always like 500 steps ahead of us. What did she do this time?

Just casually painted her entire body green to pull off the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume known to mankind—and turtle-kind/mutant-kind for that matter.

The green hair is a must for serious costumers.


Gotta get that selfie in—it's RIHpahel, people.


'Happy Hallow wein! #RIHphael,' Rihanna tweeted to caption this pic.

Masks, body paint and makeup? Check. They both pulled off the look to a T.


Guys, she even has a shell . Halloween, you've been owned by Rihanna.

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Rih Rih will you help me pick a costume next year? K, thanks.