Rihanna's New Twitter Avatar: Let's Discuss

Rihannas New Twitter Avatar

By John Walker

Attention all serious media outlets dedicated to significant world happenings: STOP THE PRESSES. Sometime on Sunday, Rihanna changed her Twitter avatar from a photo of, like, her actual face to this blank-eyed, stick-figure rendering, which she also posted on Instagram .

baixar mixtape rico homie quan

The caption? 'Say. My. Name.' Not to get all Nancy Kerrigan circa January 6, 1994 on all of you, but...


Well, according to many members of the Navy Nhevi, the ' Can't Remember To Forget You ' singer might have been throwing shade at ex Chris Brown 's current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, who posted the following selfie only an hour prior to Rihanna's mystifying Instagram.

In the caption, Karrueche added: 'HELLO My name is...' So, we can see the connections that some of you are trying to draw between the timing of the 'grams and their name-centric captions, but, um, internet? THIS IS KIND OF A REACH.

I mean, you've all seen Rihanna's Instagram feed before, right? Sandwiched in between all the glamorous fashion editorials and questionably obtained slow lorises is literally just a string of memes, something this very Derpina-like drawing -- which fans have dubbed 'Rhenna' -- is quickly becoming. Like, if Rihanna wasn't this global, pop-music icon, she'd probably be, like, the biggest Reddit troll of all time, TBQH.

Or, who knows. Maybe our Queen just fell into her first-ever MS Paint-hole. (I can relate.) If you've got any other theories, no matter how conspiratorial, feel free to hit me up in the comments below.

I guess the world's foremost media outlets can, like, start their presses again and junk. What's that? You never stopped them in the first place? #rude