Rihanna's Top 9 Instagram Photos Of 2016 Are All About Her Dreads

Rihannas Top 9 Instagram Photos 2016 Are All About Her Dreads

You know Rihanna is not immune to social media trends and made one herself, and she's totally sizing up yours. The chances of yours having as many good hair days, though? Kinda slim.


Of the photos Rihanna posted in 2016, her most popular pics were those featuring her long, gorgeous dreadlocks — you know, the ones that became so iconic so quickly that they inspired this little gal's adorable Halloween costume , which she included here.

The Navy on the whole loved her locks and any photo involving a cute kid, too. We'll likely be seeing these dreads well into the new year, as Rihanna is sporting them for the upcoming Ocean's 11 all-female reboot , which she's been filming in New York over the last few weeks.

This look is definitely something we don't mind carrying over from 2016, and we're glad the Navy — and Rihanna — agree.