Robbie Amell Tells Us About The Firestorm Vs. Flash Moment You Don't Want To Miss

Robbie Amell Tells Us About Firestorm Vs

After months of teasing, ' The Flash ' will finally deliver on its hotly anticipated Firestorm saga.

Tonight's episode (February 10) -- the first of two Firestorm-centric episodes -- will reveal just how things work between Ronnie Raymond ( Robbie Amell ) and Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber), who were fused into one meta-human following the particle accelerator explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs the year prior. With Stein's mind slowly taking control over Ronnie's body, will Barry and his Flash team be able to split them before it's too late?

MTV News chatted with Amell ahead of the big episode, and he filled us in on what we can expect from Ronnie's return, his future with Caitlin Snow, and the one scene between Firestorm and The Flash you don't want to miss. Plus, find out if Amell will be sticking around Central City.

MTV News: First and foremost, do you think Dr. Martin Stein is Ronnie's DUFF?

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Robbie Amell: I think they're fighting for DUFF control at the moment. But I think Ron is probably Martin's DUFF. Or maybe they're each other's DUFFs. Martin is smarter, but Ronnie is stronger -- they're good opposites.

The CW

MTV: We know the Firestorm saga is going to unfold in these next two episodes. Barry and his team are trying to separate Dr. Stein and Ronnie, but will they be successful?

Amell: Well, it's definitely dangerous. They're dealing with nuclear energy, so if they separate the two of them, there's a chance that there's going to be a nuclear reaction. So that's what they're worried about.

This next episode is really the Firestorm origins story. You've seen the accident, but you haven't seen what's happened after that, so you get to see what happens shortly after the explosion. There's a fall-out between Ronnie and Stein, with the two of them fighting for control of this body, and they've gone so deep down this hole, they're worried about hurting the people around them. So it's not going to be easy for Team Flash to bring them in, and even once they're in, they have to figure out what to do with them.

MTV: Will we see Jason Rusch come back into play?

Amell: I don't think so. I think he was used more as a tool to find Martin Stein. I haven't had any scenes with him, so as of right now, I don't know of any plans to have him back.

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MTV: Clearly, Ronnie's return is going to have a profound affect on Caitlin. Can we expect some angst for SnowStorm?

Amell: In this first episode back, Martin is trying to get to his wife and Ronnie is trying to get back to his fiancee, but there's still this danger and worry that we're going to hurt them. Once we're separated in the next episode, Ronnie and Stein have had enough of each other and they want to go their separate ways. So Stein goes home to his wife and Ronnie tries to start things over with Caitlin, but a lot has changed in a year. Her life is now perfecting the city and putting bad meta-humans away, and Ronnie is looking for something a little quieter. He doesn't necessarily want to be around the place that took a year of his life. He wants to get away from S.T.A.R. Labs.

And at the same time, even though Ronnie and Stein split, they may still be connected. They're not quite as separate as they thought they were.

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MTV: Would you say Ronnie is coming back a changed person?

Amell: He's definitely changed, but he's not a completely changed person. This is the first time you get to see the character from episode four -- who really cares for Caitlin and Cisco and Wells. They're the people he spent the majority of his adult life working with and working beside. So there's definitely a happiness to be home and to see her. He gets a little bit of that sense of humor back, but with that being said, he's looking for something that's different than Caitlin is, so they have some hurdles to overcome before they can go back to a normal life together.

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MTV: What does Ronnie think of Barry?

Amell: It's funny because my first interaction with Barry is with him as The Flash. There's a great scene between Firestorm and The Flash, and on paper, it sounded like something that could never be done on TV, so I can't wait to see that. My first scene acting with Grant [Gustin] is me as Ronnie as Martin, so there's some obvious tension there. There's a little bit of interaction between Ronnie and Barry, but it's very friendly. There's no animosity there yet because Ronnie doesn't know anything about the chemistry between Caitlin and Barry.

The CW

MTV: The SnowBarry army is strong.

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Amell: Of course it is! Ronnie hasn't been around long enough. I'll try to sway some opinions.

MTV: You mentioned Ronnie's connection to Dr. Stein, but what was your connection with Victor Garber like?

Amell: Victor is incredible! We shot together a few years ago, and we hadn't seen each other for a while, so we went out for dinner my first night in Vancouver. I warned Victor that I had been watching a lot of 'Alias,' and there's a scene where Stein's mind takes control over Ronnie, so I had to do a Victor Garber impression. I said, 'I'm doing you from 'Alias!'' That made him laugh. It's always special as a young actor to work opposite somebody who you've watched and admired for a long time. He sent me a nice message the other day after he saw the scene where I do my Victor impression, and it's just so special to get something like that from somebody you look up to.

MTV: Are there any plans to bring Firestorm back for season two?

Amell: All I know right now is that Greg [Berlanti] and Andrew [Kreisberg] have talked to me about coming back near the end of this season, and what they've told me about the storyline, I would be ecstatic to do it. It's really incredible what they have planned for the rest of the season. As of right now, I'm just hoping to get the official word to come back for the end of this season, but they've definitely been talking to me about it.

MTV: And finally, who do you think would win in a fight: Firestorm or Arrow?

The CW

Amell: Oh, Firestorm by a mile! That's probably why I haven't been on Arrow yet. He's got a bow and arrow; I've got nuclear energy. I'm covered in fire and I can fly! He can shoot arrows. That would be like Superman against Katniss. I'm sure Stephen [Amell] will be really excited about that comparison.