A Robot Version Of Cee Lo Green Dipped Himself In Gold For The Grammys

Robot Version Cee Lo Green Dipped Himself Gold

Cee Lo Green bathed himself in gold for the Grammys on Sunday night (February 12). He hit the red carpet as his alter ego, Gnarly Davidson — a shout-out to his previous work in Gnarls Barkley .

Last year, Green began releasing music under this new 'Gnarly Davidson' moniker, but fans haven't seen exactly what Davidson looks like until now. And boy, is it something.

Please feast your eyes on this insanity.

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Davidson technically made his red-carpet debut the night before the Grammys at a pre-party, where he showed up in the similar robot getup pictured below. But for whatever reason, he chose to leave the metallic paint at home. Perhaps he was channeling Darth Vader?

Michael Tullberg/Getty

At least he's got a head start on Halloween.