The Rock Is A Rapping Demigod In This Infectious Moana Scene

Rock Is Rapping Demigod This Infectious Moana Scene

Disney’s Moana is undoubtedly the star of her own story , but arrogant demigod (or demi-guy) Maui makes a pretty charismatic foil for the heroine in the animation studio’s latest hit . Case in point: You’re Welcome, penned by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and sung by Maui in an infectious performance by Dwayne The Rock Johnson .

Disney has finally released the animated sequence of Miranda and Johnson’s collaboration in full, and it’s lush.

You’re Welcome sounds like something straight outta Miranda’s canon, with its catchy pop hook and dizzying rap verse. For his part, Johnson manages to stay on beat, adding his signature charisma to every word. When it came to writing a song for Johnson, Miranda did what any songwriter would do: He consulted YouTube.

I’m a big fan of his wrestling days, and there was a time where he would pull out a guitar and taunt whatever town he was in, Miranda told Collider . And so, I got a really good sense of his vocal range from that 10-minute super cut [on YouTube], and then the rest of it was just writing lyrics that embody the spirit of Maui. The rest, as they say, is Disney history.