Rowan Blanchard Shuts Down People Calling Her Depressed On Instagram

Rowan Blanchard Shuts Down People Calling Her Depressed Instagram

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by Katie Kausch

'Girl Meets World' star Rowan Blanchard is super active on social media, and posts selfies on Instagram -- some smiling, some not, like anyone else.


Some people aren't happy about the fact that Blanchard doesn't look happy in every photo, so the self-proclaimed feminist (and all-around badass) took to Twitter Monday (Nov. 30) to put a stop to negative commenters telling her to smile on her straight faced Instagram snaps.

Blanchard also shut down people telling her she's depressed, reminding the world that depression is a serious issue -- and not something to be made light of.

With 20 percent of teenagers experiencing depression at some point, it's awesome to see Blanchard speaking out about how casually the word gets thrown around. If you think someone you know is actually depressed, try talking to them about it privately- otherwise, don't post it on the Internet.

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Thanks Rowan Blanchard, for continuing to be a feminist light in a troll-filled Internet!