Russell Brand Calls Katy Perry A 'Flatulence Factory'

Russell Brand Calls Katy Perry Aflatulence Factory

Last Friday morning, Russell Brand called in to Nick Cannon's radio program to promote 'Get Him to the Greek.' But the conversation quickly devolved into far more, uh, odorous topics: farts.

Or, more specifically, the farting prowess of Brand's fiancée, Katy Perry.

'That woman is like a flatulence factory,' Brand told Cannon. 'The pop hits that she fires out of her mouth are nothing compared to what comes out the other end of her!'

And while Brand's diatribe was rather funny (not to mention a tad bit disturbing), it quickly dissipated into the pop culture air, much like — well, you know. It was all but forgotten as the weekend began and attention turned to Perry's performance of 'California Gurls' on Sunday night at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Things pretty much stayed that way until Tuesday night, when the pop star took to her Twitter account and wrote what appeared to be a comment about Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro' video : 'Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke.'

And then, not-so-silent but deadly, Brand's joke began to make its way back into the news cycle. It seemed that, rather indirectly, we assume, Perry's tweet was also suggesting that her soon-to-be-husband's morning-radio fart joke was a tad bit amateur. But weakening her argument is the fact that Perry had spent the weekend tweeting that Brand sleeps 'on the couch all the time,' because he 'light[s] up the sheets with [his] stanky arse.' She also attempted to start a Twitter trend called '#russellhasastinkbum.'

It was a pretty weird sequence of events, not to mention a rare disconnect between the usually in-step couple. And while all mentions of flatulence have since ceased, we hope Perry and Brand are able to put this dark period behind them and focus on their upcoming nuptials instead. Because somewhere, Lady Gaga is watching all of this and laughing. Or at least holding her nose.

Do you think Katy Perry is being silly or does she have a point about Gaga's 'Alejandro'? Sound off in the comments.