Russell Brand Magically Appears For 'Drop Dead Fred' Remake

Russell Brand Magically Appears Fordrop Dead Fredremake

The crazily-coiffed Russell Brand is becoming America's go-to guy for comedy remakes. Brand is already attached to a remake of Dudley Moore's iconic 'Arthur,' and now he's set to drop dead in a remake of 'Drop Dead Fred.'

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'Drop Dead Fred' was a very dark comedy released in 1991, starring Phoebe Cates and British comedian Rik Mayall. It centered on a rather damaged young woman named Lizzie (played by Cates) who allows herself to be walked on and dominated by everyone. After a day from hell when she loses everything -- including her job and husband, and is forced to move back home with her abusive mother -- she's reunited with her childhood imaginary friend, Fred.

He promises to make her happy again, but his antics tend to be rather destructive and violent, and are immediately blamed on Lizzie. Rather expectedly, there's some rather freaky stuff involving psychiatric drugs and defeating one's childhood demons. It was a critical and box office failure, but it's since gained a bit of cult status, though it's currently unavailable on DVD.

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