Ryan Gosling Attempts To Explain His Embarrassing Childhood Dance Videos

Ryan Gosling Attempts Explain His Embarrassing Childhood Dance Videos

We've gotta hand it to Ryan Gosling : He’s an excellent sport when it comes to reliving the embarrassment of his child stardom.

As you may well remember, videos of 12-year-old Gosling dancing his heart out in some super, uh, special pants surfaced in 2015. Now he’s attempted to explain the backstory behind his epic childhood dance vids.

During an appearance on Britain’s Graham Norton Show with his La La Land co-star Emma Stone, Gosling explained that he appeared on a Canadian version of Star Search and became mortal enemies with a pair of twins whom he was competing against. It’s a cutthroat business, he said about the world of youth dance. I had to get out.

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The competition fueled his need to win, which explains why he was so hilariously committed to the campy choreography (he was also the only boy in a group of seven girls, so obviously he stood out). As for the outfit, well: I wish someone had said, ‘Here, you have to wear this.’ But that was my idea, Gosling admitted. I had a vision for this number. It’s purple and silver Hammer pants.

Watch the video below to feel all the second embarrassment as the Golden Globe winner relives his days as a tiny dancer.