Ryan Reynolds Recalls Being Naked In A Fire While Winning Best Fight At The Movie Awards

Ryan Reynolds Recalls Being Naked Fire While Winning Best Fight Movie Awards

X-rated superhero antihero flick Deadpool was bound and destined to win Best Fight at the 2016 Movie Awards. Not only does it tout some of the most wicked action sequences of the year, but it also has something else going for it: a nude tussle involving noted sexy dude Ryan Reynolds .

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What could top that?!

Apparently, no one knows that better than Reynolds himself, who -- while accepting the Best Fight trophy at Saturday night's show -- deadpanned that his and Ed Skrein 's fiery throwdown was 'ripped right out of the pages of my childhood.'

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Jokes aside, though, he and Skrein thoughtfully took the opportunity to shout out the underdogs and to tribute the 'incredible' fight coordinators and stunt doubles who make their jobs look easy. True... but at the end of the day, it was Reynolds who bared his bod for our cinematic pleasure. And that's worth a trillion Golden Popcorn trophies.

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