Sam Smith Takes Gospel-Powered Walk Of Shame In 'Stay With Me' Video

Sam Smith Takes Gospel Powered Walk Shame Instay With Mevideo

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Sam Smith has officially destroyed our emotional well-being. #WEEPING

The blinding morning light. The slight disorientation. The disheveled clothing you carried out of your hookup's bedroom and put on in the hall so you didn't wake 'em up because you nuh-HEVER want to talk to them again. That, friends, is what we affectionately refer to as a walk of shame, and Brit crooner Sam Smith is channeling that emotional, morning-after state to a painfully accurate T in his new ' Stay With Me ' video.

Like something out of Amy Winehouse's 'F*** Me Pumps,' the clip initially follows Sam as he makes his way down the U.K. streets, trailing only slightly ahead. These scenes alternate with shots of the ' Leave Your Lover ' singer alone in bed, as he switches from one-night stander to one-night standee. Or something. #RealWords

Then, Sam takes us to church -- literally -- entering a hazy, light-drenched place of worship to join a choir of singers on the gospel-powered chorus. We didn't think that 'Stay With Me' could get any more powerful, but... Damn.

You ever think of just, like, singing to get 'em to stay with you, Sam? Something tells us that would work. Anyway, now we're kind of afraid to listen to his debut album, In The Lonely Hour , when it drops this June. We really don't know how many more feelings we'll have left to spare.

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