Sandra Bullock Plus Matthew McConaughey Plus Hugh Grant Plus Keanu Reeves Equals Our Dream Rom-Com

Sandra Bullock Plus Matthew Mcconaughey Plus Hugh Grant Plus Keanu Reeves Equals Our Dream Rom Com

Sandra Bullock was given the (totally warranted) Decade of Hotness honor at last night's Spike TV Guys Choice Awards, and all of our wildest Rom-Com dreams came true when she was presented with the golden antlers by not one, but three of her former leading men.

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As if Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant and Keanu Reeves hitting the stage wasn't enough, her 'A Time to Kill,' 'Two Weeks Notice' and 'Speed' co-stars brought a tiara, sash and bouquet of roses, leaving Bullock bedecked 'Miss Congeniality'-style while giving her acceptance speech.

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For the love of McConaughey, can we make this Sandra-plus-three situation a thing?! We'll buy all the tickets to this movie! Better yet, they're looking to cast three leads in season 2 of 'True Detective,' right? Bring 'em along for the ride with Rust Cohle and let's do this, HBO!