Sasha And Malia Obama Went To Their First State Dinner And Were More Than Fierce

Sasha Malia Obama Went Their First State Dinner

On March 10, America's first hot dad, President Barack Obama, welcomed Canada's first hot dad, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for an official state dinner at the White House. You may have heard a thing or two (or three or four or five ) about it on the Internet.

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That's neat and stuff, and clearly all the adults look spectacular, but guys , Malia and Sasha were there too -- at their ~*first*~ official state dinner.


Sasha showed how quickly she's growing up, looking finely sophisticated in a dress with lace appliqué and a braided up do, while Malia, known entertainment buff from her time on the set of Girls , was seated between SNL head Lorne Michaels and Grey's Anatomy star Sandra Oh. Malia opted to keep her hair down (and flowing) and wore a beaded, strapless dress.

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'When I was first elected to this office, Malia was 10 and Sasha was just 7. And they grow up too fast,' their father (El Presidente) said of his girls. 'This fall, Malia heads off to college. And I’m starting to choke up.' Aww.

Trudeau also had some sweet words to share about the Obama daughters, remarking, 'Quite frankly the memories for me of being a kid and not being old enough to attend these kinds of events with my father almost makes we wish I had gone through my teenage years as a child of a world leader, but not quite,' according to the White House transcript .

'I admire you very much, both of you, for your extraordinary strength and your grace, through what is a remarkable childhood and young adulthood that will give you extraordinary strength and wisdom beyond your years for the rest of your life.' Double aww.

This much is certain -- Sasha and Malia have slayed before, are slaying now, and will slay for years and years to come. ??

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See more pics of Malia and Sasha (and Justin, Sophie, Michelle and Barack) straight killin' it at the Canada State Dinner below.

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