Scott And Kira Will Finally DTR When 'Teen Wolf' Returns

Scott Kira Will Finally Dtr Whenteen Wolfreturns

Scott McCall and Kira Yukimura routinely rush into battle against Beacon Hills' most chilling creatures without a second thought. Entering into a relationship, on the other hand? Well, that's proven to be a bit scarier, but Tyler Posey says the kinda-sorta couple is ready to stop taking stutter steps.

When ' Teen Wolf ' returns later this year, Scira will finally DTR, Posey told , but admitted it won't be easy for either.

'It's hard to be honest with someone that you like,' TyPo said. 'If you really dig them and are kinda awkward and not really comfortable with them yet, it's hard to be like 'What are we? Are we together? Are we dating or what? 'So yeah, we keep that alive.'

Still, in the midst of dating confusion, Posey said you can expect some steaminess from Scira...we think.

'We haven’t had any sex scenes yet, but we’re only three episodes in...but we were close, he explained, before correcting himself. 'Actually, you know what, I think we may have had sex. They kind of cut before, but there may have been...' Timidity? Unsureness? Sounds exactly like what we'd expect from these two....

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