Scott McCall And Wil Ohmsford: Comparing The 'Teen Wolf' And 'The Shannara Chronicles' Protagonists

Scott Mccall Wil Ohmsford

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When thrilling fantasy stories are depicted, there's almost always a hero who will help to guard those in need and save their environment from any looming or present harm. And when it comes to ' Teen Wolf ' and the highly anticipated ' The Shannara Chronicles ' -- both programs will premiere on January 5 on MTV -- two men fit this very description: werewolf Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and half-human/half-elf Wil Ohmsford (Austin Butler).

In honor of the series' debuts, we're comparing these unique individuals and the similar characteristics they display through their tales. Here are five ways Scott and Wil are a lot alike, besides the aforementioned courageous trait:

  1. Protecting their homes

    Forget police officers or armies -- these men are the ones carrying the burden of their crumbling habitats on their shoulders. While Scott and his pack are doing everything to guard against evil (examples include The Darach, The Benefactor and The Dread Doctors) in the spooky town of Beacon Hills, Wil -- along with Elven Princess Amberle and human Rover Eretria -- are told by the Druid Allanon that they are the only three who can save the Four Lands from the consequences of the dying Ellcrys tree (each leaf represents a single demon being released). No pressure, guys!

  2. Responsibility at a young age

    Talk about some serious obligations before hitting 30. A lycanthrope bite changed Scott's life forever when he was only a mere sophomore -- before taking the SATs or readying those college applications. In comparison, Wil is not navigating those tricky high school hallways and cramming for tests, but he does hold a heavy burden: He represents the last of the well-known Shannara bloodline and is found by Allanon, who will guide him to his destiny. In addition, Wil also inherited the magical Elfstones and is the bearer of the precious blue heirlooms.

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  3. Juggling the ladies

    Finding adequate time for romance is not easy for these gents: Scott knows what it's like to lose a girlfriend ( RIP Allison ) and come close to saying goodbye to a special someone (that damn Berserker almost took out Kira). Meanwhile, Wil has two women fighting for his affections -- the aforementioned Amberle and Eretria -- and is entangled in a bona fide love triangle . Who said relationships are easy?

  4. Unique family dynamics

    Leisurely dinners and regular gatherings with moms and pops are not exactly par for the course for Scott and Wil. Even though the BHHS student does have a wonderful bond with the ever-supportive Mama McCall, his dad (Agent McCall) has been absent for most of his child's life and hasn't been that father figure the teen could have really used during these critical years. On the other hand, Wil is an orphan descending from the legendary Shannara tribe.

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  5. Preserving their legacy

    What's in a name? Well, for these two, there's quite a bit. Scott is a True Alpha -- a status he earned through his strength of character -- and because of his rise through the wolf ranks, he boasts those enviable red eyes and is a bona fide leader of his diverse crew (a Banshee, a Kitsune, a Werecoyote, etc). On the flip-side, Wil may feel like the odd man out but possesses a magical side from his aforementioned special Shannara lineage -- and as a result of his historical clan, he has Elven blood.

Have any other Scott and Wil suggestions? Be sure to stay with MTV News for more 'Teen Wolf' and 'The Shannara Chronicles' coverage before both shows premiere on Tuesday, January 5 starting at 9/8c -- and for an added bonus, see Austin Butler open up about his alter ego in the video below: