'Scott Pilgrim' Makes Real Musicians Out Of Sex Bob-Omb Actors

Scott Pilgrimmakes Real Musicians Out Sex Bob Omb Actors

' Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World ' hits theaters this week, and when it does, audiences will be treated to more than just a live-action adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's popular comic book series — they'll also get some great music, too.

During this year's Comic-Con , I had a chance to sit down with two members of Sex Bob-Omb, Scott Pilgrim's band in the series, as well as the band's first-ever fan, to discuss the musical side of their 'Scott Pilgrim' training.

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In the film, Mark Webber and Alison Pill play bandmates Stephen Stills (vocals/guitar) and Kim Pine (drums), while Johnny Simmons plays Young Neil, the band's biggest (and at the start, only) fan.

'I got to meet with Beck's drummer, who is starting to teach me other drumming beyond the stuff that was in the songs,' Pill told MTV News.

'And drums are incredibly hard to learn and you figured it out in two weeks,' added Simmons.

'She was ridiculous,' agreed Webber.

However, while Pill shined when it came to the music of 'Scott Pilgrim,' Webber's learning curve was a little more... Well, he probably sums it up best.

'I had guitar lessons and... I struggled,' he confessed.

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'But you nailed it, though!' added Simmons, ever the fan.

But it wasn't just the guitar that Webber had to master. Studying under the experienced eye of veteran musical supervisor Nigel Godrich and Metric guitarist Jimmy Shaw, the actor described his once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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'I had never sang before, either — so I had to learn how to sing,' he explained. 'I had an amazing experience recording with Nigel Godrich in Jimmy Shaw's own personal studio in Toronto — just the two of us. That was a hell of an experience.'

' Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World ' hits theaters August 13.

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