'Scream': Here's What The (Blood) Red Carpet Looked Like 19 Years Ago

Scream Heres What Red Carpet Looked Like 19 Years Ago

Fashion has come a very long way since ' Scream ' first premiered in theaters in December 1996. Almost 20 years later, we're now into crop tops, oversized plaid shirts, dark black lipstick, bike shorts -- oh no, wait. This all sounds familiar. And hey, 'Scream' is coming back, too, as a show on MTV this summer -- on June 30, in fact! So, it works out.

Looking for even more fashion inspo from the '90s? You could do a lot worse than what Courteney Cox , David Arquette , Drew Barrymore, Neve Campbell , Skeet Ulrich and the rest of the 'Scream' cast were wearing on that fateful red carpet. Although... maybe think twice about your choice of hats. Just as a general rule.

  • Famke Janssen looked fabulous. Getty Images

    Man, does she look different when she's not a redhead -- or a mutant.

  • And so did Neve Campbell. WireImage


    então a Anatel não vai me deixar ser
  • Not so much for Skeet Ulrich, though. WireImage

    *tips hat* M'lady.

  • Reese Witherspoon wandered here from class or something. WireImage

    She looks kind of a college freshman lost on the quad, but MAN does it work for her.

  • Michael Rappaport dressed up for the occasion. WireImage

    Celebs -- they chew their sweatshirt pulls just like us!

  • The Zappas came by. WireImage

    They weren't even in the movie, but you know what? Who's gonna refuse somebody named 'Moon-Unit?'

  • Angie Everheart and Ashley Hamilton happened. WireImage

    That relationship may not have lasted but that coat Angie's wearing is timeless, right?... RIGHT?

  • Courteney Cox and David Arquette were... wearing clothes. WireImage

    Wow, that's a jacket.

  • Let's see the inside! WireImage

    Y i k e s.

  • David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc stopped by. WireImage

    The cast of 'Friends' showed up to support their buddy Courtney Cox!

  • Plus, Matthew Perry ! WireImage

    'Can you BE-lieve I'm here right now?' (Admit it, you read that in the sarcastic Chandler voice)

  • Linda Blair was the fanciest drum major WireImage

    I mean, I'D follow her in a parade.

  • Matthew Lillard was pre-emptively channeling Theon Greyjoy. WireImage

    C'mon, tell me you don't see the resemblance.

  • Jamie Kennedy looked unrecognizable WireImage

    And not in that way he looks unrecognizable when he's wearing a disguise and trying to prank people.

  • While Bijou Phillips looked perf. WireImage

    You could definitely get that same look at an Urban Outfitters RIGHT now if you wanted.

  • And Rose McGowan is clearly immortal. WireImage

    Oh look, she's EXACTLY THE SAME.

  • Seriously though, LOOK at her. WireImage

    This is when she stopped aging, right? 1996?

  • And, of course, Drew Barrymore! Wireimage

    She only attended the London premiere and not the LA one, but c'mon. Look at that dress.

    quanto tempo leva para a tretinoína funcionar
  • Wait, what’s so funny, Neve? WireImage

    Is it Skeet’s hat? It’s definitely Skeet’s hat.


'Scream' premieres on MTV on June 30.