'Scream Queens' Star Skyler Samuels Teases Grace's 'Dark Side'

Scream Queensstar Skyler Samuels Teases Graces Dark Side

What happens when eight Kappas get locked inside a house with a masked serial killer on the loose? Complete mayhem, as well as a few innocent hookups, and a game of spin-the-bottle, that's what. On Tuesday's episode of ' Scream Queens ,' things take a deadly turn when the Red Devil crashes the Kappas' sleepover. Expect a bloodbath before the bottle even stops spinning.

'A lot of bodies start to drop,' Skyler Samuels (Grace) told MTV News. 'It's definitely one of our bloodiest episodes, which was a lot of fun for us on set. We love messy shoots. This episode is a real turning point for the story; this is when things really start to get serious and you start to realize what, or who, the Red Devil is after.'

Sensing that the Kappas are in serious danger, Chad and his Dickie Dollar Scholars rush to their rescue, and of course, that's when things go from bad to worse.


Billie Lourd and Skyler Samuels in 'Seven Minutes In Hell.'

'The Dickie Dollar Scholars end up getting locked inside Kappa House with the Kappas and the Red Devil, and obviously, that is a recipe for disaster. They mean well, poor guys! [Laughs] But it's a lot of fun to do an episode like this because there are so many new dynamics among the characters. Grace and Chad don't spend a lot of time together on campus, but when they're locked inside a house together, they have no other choice. They all have to fight to survive.'

But it won't be easy, especially with a potential second Red Devil on the loose. And while it's easy to assume sweet justice warrior Grace is the Final Girl in Ryan Murphy's twisted story, think again. Grace isn't the Twihard you thought she was -- not at all.

'I wouldn't be so convinced she's innocent. Grace has a dark side, and we're going to see that in the next few episodes,' Samuels said. 'She's not this naive little girl. I was so shocked to read the script and find out what Grace had been hiding. When you come from a family who hides so much, it's only natural that you're going to have a few secrets of your own. It's fun to play someone whose motives are never clear.'

The Red Devil approaches in 'Seven Minutes In Hell.'

Of course, don't think she's selling her soul to the dark side and becoming a Chanel anytime soon. 'Grace supports Zayday, and she has absolutely no interest in being a Chanel now that she sees what that world is like,' the actress said. 'I think at one point in her life, that's all she ever wanted because her mom was a Chanel, but now there are so many other things to worry about, like being murdered on the way to Bio class.'

As for the identity of the Red Devil, the cast is still in the dark, despite wrapping production on Season 1 in just a few short weeks.

'We have no idea!' she said. 'We're actually filming the final few episodes now, and we're still in the dark about everything. I'd like to see Grace survive, of course, because I want to see what happens next, but at the same time, I also think it would be so cool if Grace was the killer. That would shock a lot of people because everyone thinks she's this heroine.'

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For now, of course, Samuels will have to settle for playing the only (slightly) normal student on a campus full of crazies.

'Sometimes I'm glad I don't have to say stuff like that because I honestly don't think I'd be able to keep a straight face and deliver a line like, 'Are you man enough to attack my crack?'' she said. 'In fact, I'm pretty sure I would die.'