'Scream' Introduces Its Gale Weathers And She's Got Major Secrets

Screamintroduces Its Gale Weathers

This week's episode of ' Scream ' introduced a meddlesome new character, Piper Shaw. She's undoubtedly the Gale Weathers of Lakewood. Except, since watching the news is so passé these days, our modern reporter is a popular podcaster -- and her true crime podcast, Autopsy of a Crime (or, AOC if you're a cool kid), is digging into the murder of Nina Patterson (Bella Thorne).

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What lengths will Piper go to get her story? And will AOC have a more satisfactory ending than its unabashed predecessor, Serial? MTV News chatted with 'Scream' star Amelia Rose Blaire and she dished on Piper's fascination with Emma, her penchant for getting herself into trouble and the whopping 25-page file the actress has created in the hopes of solving the mystery of the killer's identity herself . Now that's some serious method acting!

MTV: Piper is obviously inspired by Sarah Koenig. Were you as obsessed with Serial as the rest of America?

Amelia Rose Blaire: I actually found out about Serial when I got cast on this show. I immediately went and listened to every single episode, and I was totally addicted and had all of these theories that were constantly changing about who did it and who was innocent, so yeah, I can say that now I'm a big fan of her podcast.

MTV: How prevalent is Anatomy of a Crime going to be throughout the season?

Blaire: The podcast weaves in and out of each episode, and I think they've used it in a really cool way. It’s a really cool way to tell the story and tell a different point of view of the story, because she is narrating what everybody is thinking. And as different pieces of evidence arise she weaves them all together.


MTV: I think you picked up a lot of Koenig’s mannerisms and the overall tone of Serial.

Blaire: They definitely wanted it as conversational as possible and to reflect Serial’s tone and not have it be like over the top gossipy voice, but instead someone who you feel like you could sit down and have a conversation with, someone who is very approachable and real.

MTV: Piper's presence in the series is also very reminiscent of Courteney Cox’s character in the original movie franchise, Gale Weathers. They're both reporters. They're both trying to get their scoops. Is Piper very similar to Gale?

Blaire: If we were going to put the different characters into the different archetypes of the original movie, she would definitely fall into the Gale Weathers category, but she is definitely a very different character. Gale is on TV; she is really recognizable. She's also kind of an awesome bitch. I don’t think Piper necessarily has that same attitude, but they definitely share the similarity of getting into other people's business -- sometimes a little too much.

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MTV: Gale would do anything to get the story. How far is Piper willing to go?

Blaire: Well, I think the story is very, very intriguing to her and she's definitely drawn in by the big question of does this murderer have any connection to the Brandon James murders that happened many years earlier. So she'll definitely go through some hoops to get the scoop, but I guess you’ll have to find out to see how far she'll jump to get the story.


MTV: That sounds like it's going to put Piper in a very vulnerable position because that killer is still out there.

Blaire: When I first got cast as Piper, I automatically thought, 'Well, she's going to get herself caught in the line of fire pretty quickly,' because she’s poking around and digging deep and you know with the story of masks being revealed, if you were to take off the wrong mask you might end up getting killed. She is definitely going to run from some risks this season.

MTV: The death count is starting to rise in Lakewood. Will Piper get involved in the ongoing police investigation?

Blaire: She definitely tries to, yes. I have some really cool interactions with Sheriff Hudson, but she’s definitely poking into everybody’s business and trying to get into the middle of it. She gets involved -- sometimes a little too involved and over her head.

MTV: How much interaction does Piper have with the students? She had moments with Noah, Audrey and Emma in this episode. Is there more to come?

Blaire: There's definitely a bit of a separation because all of the students are in school and Piper is older, so she's outside of it. So she is soaring around the periphery of this group. She swoops in at very specific points, especially with Emma because to her, Emma is a celebrity -- she's the daughter of the soul survivor of the Brandon James murders. And Piper will find out later that her mother is also Daisy. So I think that Emma particularly holds a fascination for Piper because she has this deep connection to the pervious murders in Lakewood.

Blaire: It seems like every person is harboring a secret in this town. Are we going to find out anymore information about her background? Right now, we know very little about her.

Blaire: It’s interesting, because I knew very little about Piper for a large majority of the season. I started to get little tidbits about her backstory and would gobble them up immediately. I'd be like, 'What does this mean. Who is she?' I sort of became Piper on Piper, digging deeper, trying to find the truth in the clues. You will definitely get to know her a little bit as the series progresses.

MTV: That's awesome that you're trying to piece together the clues yourself.

Blaire: It's been a lot of fun! I have a huge file of what happens in every single episode, of who I think did what and exactly what the killer did and how everybody's reacting and where they are. I definitely got a little method with this part and got a full 25-page document of everything that goes down and what’s connected to what and who and where the big question marks are.

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MTV: I've been doing some digging into 'Scream' and one thing they did in the original film is that they never let the voice actor of Ghostface, Roger L. Jackson, interact with the cast. Is that the same on your set?

Blaire: We have not met the voice of our killer. I think that definitely has a similar energy of, 'Who is this person, this creepy man. Or is it a man?' And we don’t know.


MTV: Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't ask this: do you like scary movies?

Blaire: I loved 'Scream.' I saw Scream with my sister when I was younger. I remember we rented it from Blockbuster, because that’s when Blockbuster was still around. We rented it and returned it. And the next day we went to Blockbuster again, and we both really wanted to rent it but we didn't want to admit we wanted to see it. So when we got home, we were both like, 'I wanted to watch 'Scream.'' We drove back and rented it again. Other horror movies? I’m a little bit of a scaredy-cat. I have trouble watching scary movies, especially when I’m alone. I usually don’t watch -- I have tons of nightmares!

'Scream' airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.