Scream's Big Reveal: [SPOILER] Is The Season 2 Killer

Screams Big Reveal Is Season 2 Killer

Anyone else just get shades of Billy Loomis?

MTV has revealed the identity of Scream 's Season 2 killer and -- with a wink to the big-screen version’s very first installment (and the legendary character played by Skeet Ulrich) -- the slasher turned out to be…

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Yup, tonight’s season finale proved that Emma was dating a madman all along -- just like Sidney Prescott, who’d been romanced by Billy in the Wes Craven franchise’s inaugural film. And get this -- not only was Kieran the accomplice to last season’s psycho Piper, he was also her bae.

We were together before you and I even met, he told Em following tonight’s big reveal (and just after shooting Eli. RIP, buddy -- you were the good guy after all). All it took was your mother throwing Piper out like trash and my dad dumping me in Atlanta. It made me and Piper sick to see them together.

When Emma stammered in disbelief that Kieran must have been the last surprise Piper was about to reveal just before being shot by Audrey at Wren Lake, he confirmed it.

Surprise! he said. Your boyfriend was banging your crazy half-sister.

But should it have been such a shocker? Looking back, there were more than a few clues that should have had us pointing a finger at Mr. Wilcox all along (yeah, hindsight is a bitch). Here are the top five:

  1. 'Boy Interrupted'

    There was a major clue to the killer's identity in this season’s very first episode: When Emma arrived at Kieran’s house for the bash her pals had thrown to celebrate her return from therapy, Jake exclaimed, Welcome home, Girl Interrupted. The significance: Later, when Jake was being held captive by the killer, he saw a giant tool that he could have used to escape if only he could reach it; on it was a note from the madman that taunted, See what you can do with this, Boy Interrupted. That, right then and there, told us that the slasher had to be someone who was in the room during Emma’s party and heard what Jake had said -- i.e. one of the Lakewood Six.

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  2. The constant snitching

    Kieran claimed he was tattling to the police about Emma’s every move to help protect her, but looking back, it was a way to stay in control of what the police knew and didn’t know -- plus cast doubt on Emma’s sanity and eventually frame her for the murders. The most recent bit of proof: Last week, when cops arrived at the pig farm, they just happened to find Emma and Audrey standing over Mayor Maddox’s dead body. But how did Sheriff Acosta and his crew wind up at the pig farm to begin with -- and subsequently arrest the two girls for murder? Easy: Kieran -- again pretending to be the caring, protective boyfriend -- had called Maggie, knowing full well she’d then contact the 5-0.

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  3. Quotes with a hint of déjà vu

    Kieran finally got nailed tonight when he slipped up and repeated something the killer had just said to Emma but -- get this -- he did the same thing last season. Twice . In the series' debut episode, new-kid-in-town Kieran chatted with Em at Brooke’s prayer vigil for Nina (complete with kegs because, as Queen B said, people in mourning get thirsty). And there, he told his future girlfriend that she seemed to have 'the perfect life' -- but then randomly seemed to diss her friends, asking if she even really liked them. At the end of that episode, Emma received her very first call from the killer, who also commented on her seemingly utopian existence. 'Perfect smiles, perfect lives ,' he said. And later in the conversation, the killer also questioned Emma's pals, calling them 'two-faced.' Kieran’s second slip of the tongue: Later in Season 1, he brought Emma to an open field to have her practice shooting a gun and asked how she'd react in an emergency. 'You're walking to your car late at night and you have a flat tire. What do you do you?' he queried. Emma's answer -- she'd call AAA – wasn’t good enough. 'They would never get to you in time,' he said. And -- sure enough -- that’s pretty much the same sentence uttered by the killer during his late-night call to Em three weeks before.

  4. Everything else from last season

    Even without the aforementioned verbal slipups, Kieran was disturbingly suspicious in Season 1 -- especially in the second-to-last episode. He was MIA during some critical moments before and after Lakewood’s Halloween party (giving him plenty of time to help Piper), plus it was revealed he’d had a connection to the killing spree’s very first victim (aka Nina), and -- well, just read this .

  5. Those convenient arrivals

    Kieran had a knack for suddenly appearing out of thin air just after the killer had paid a visit -- like this season, when he randomly showed up at the carnival following the chase scene between Emma and the masked man. He also dropped in at the pig farm last week shortly after Mayor Maddox was murdered. But Kieran's most telling arrival? He turned up in Lakewood at pretty much the same time as one other very significant person: Piper.

So tell us: Did you collect any other incriminating evidence against Kieran? Or were you totally shocked that he's the Season 2 killer? Head to the comments and share your theories, thoughts and emotions -- and, while you’re at it, send your well wishes to Emma. Seriously, girlfriend’s been through a lot .