See Britney Spears’ Hair Evolution In 30 Stunning Pics

See Britney Spears Hair Evolution 30 Stunning Pics

There have been many iconic iterations of Britney Spears ' style during the past couple decades -- from her 'innocent' schoolgirl unis to her sexy sequined bodysuits. But as much as her clothes have drastically changed with the times, it's her hair evolution that's perhaps the most shocking and impressive.

This is a woman who can pull off literally any hue, cut, and style... which is why her new lavender-tipped locks are our fave summer obsession. Let's take a look back at all the times Britney proved herself a true hair chameleon, starting way, way back in 1998.

  1. When we first met Brit, she was a tan, fresh-faced teen with that perfectly ‘90s, middle-parted, Rachel Green-esque flawlessness to her locks. Getty Images
  2. Hard to believe, but this pic was taken the same year as that album cover photo shoot above. Here, Brit’s hair is a little less golden, a little messier, and so wonderfully tousled. Getty Images
  3. In 1999, girls wore sparkly, tiara-like headbands on the reg because we all wanted to marry Prince William and be a princess. Yes, even Britney. Getty Images
  4. Brit soon made her mark in the music world as a perky, pigtailed pop sensation (who apparently bought out Bath & Body Works' entire supply of roll-on body glitter). Getty Images
  5. But later that year, she debuted a shorter ‘do, probably because she was too busy dominating the MTV Europe Awards to bother with long locks. Getty Images
  6. For Brit, the new millennium meant a sexier sophomore album and plenty of hair extensions. Here, we see the partially crimped style she so fiercely rocked. Getty Images
  7. The updated version of that crimped ‘do was this one: a 2001-appropriate middle part with tiny braids expertly placed throughout her straight, honey-colored locks. Getty Images
  8. Later that year, Brit opted for lighter, layered curls. Getty Images
  9. 2002 was a weird year for Brit’s hair, only because she so dramatically transformed it from these giant, voluminous curls at the Grammys… Getty Images
  10. …to this short, straight style for the Crossroads premiere. Getty Images
  11. Oh HAYYYY, Britney’s bob! In ’03, she sported a thick, red-streaked bob that was cute while it lasted. Getty Images
  12. But by the end of the year, she opted for a thinner, feathered look (shown under a denim newsboy cap because this was 2003, DUH). Getty Images
  13. By 2004, she was back to long hair, don’t care mode. Getty Images
  14. And 2005 saw the debut of her gorgeous, chestnut-colored tresses. Getty Images
  15. Clearly happy with her darker ‘do, Brit briefly went black-haired in summer ’06, around the time of BlackoutGetty Images
  16. …but she was back to a straight, light bob that winter. Getty Images
  17. As we all know, 2007 was a bit of a tough year for Brit. There was the infamous hair-shaving incident, which preceded some visible problems with her roots. Getty Images
  18. But for her big VMAs comeback, she was noticeably more luminous with a light, shoulder-length ‘do. GIMME MORE. Getty Images
  19. Smooth, shiny curls = happy, award-winning Britney. Getty Images
  20. In 2010, she went back to dark brown, voluminous curls. Getty Images
  21. And then she glammed it up the next year with a long, golden blowout for her Femme Fatale promo tour. Getty Images
  22. Britney kicked off 2012 with a new judging gig on the X Factor. During the auditions, she stepped out with shoulder-length, platinum tresses and dark roots. Getty Images
  23. And by the finale, she was rocking long locks and straight, blunt bangs. Getty Images
  24. New year, new color -- this light brown hue she rocked in 2013 was absolutely gorgeous. Getty Images
  25. By that summer, she had lightened things up yet again. Getty Images
  26. In early 2014, Britney favored a short, half updo. Getty Images
  27. Then she turned up the drama with long, reddish curls. Getty Images
  28. And she finished off the year with a bob that was shorter than we’d see from her in a while. Very soccer mom -esque. Ragnar Singsaas/Getty Images
  29. 2015 saw the return of Brit’s signature long blonde locks, which she effortlessly flaunted at the ESPYs in July. Getty Images
  30. But now, it looks like our girl has spiced things by adding pretty lavender tips . Yep, this girl is never, ever boring with her style choices. Keep killin’ it, Brit!